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How to Reduce Leakage in Rubber Valve Control

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The dispensing valve mainly controls the amount of glue to be distributed. High-precision product dispensing has higher quality requirements for rubber valves. Maintaining the stability of the blending valve makes the product easy to supply steadily. If the leakage of rubber valves will affect production, the causes of leakage and solutions will be introduced.
Metering imported dispensing valve
Control valve connection to reduce dripping
If there is air in the glue, there will be leakage after the valve closes. The solution is to pre-empt the air in the hose before operation, or choose other glue which is not easy to produce air and bubbles. You can also defoam the glue before using it.
The exhaust port of the automatic dispensing system is connected to the storage pipe through the air pipe, and the storage pipe valve is connected to the air switch of the dispensing system.
Control the length of hose and pressure bar of automatic dispensing machine, determine the viscosity of glue and control glue switch respectively. A and B glue mix through hoses and mix evenly. Connect the adapter to make it easier to connect various needles and to ensure that the glue volume is stable to avoid leakage of the valve.
Dynamic electric dispensing valve
Quick-drying glue can easily clog valve joints and pipes. The leakage of the compound is mainly caused by the moisture in the workshop and the repeated use of quick-drying glue. Make sure to dry quickly before operation. Is the glue fresh? The pipe can be cleaned thoroughly with acetone. The air used should be dry and air filters can be installed between the air pressure of the workshop and the automatic dispensing system.
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