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The dispensing fittings that should be manufactured are diff

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The use of screw dispensing valve can provide high-precision dispensing function for large automatic dispensing machine with dispensing accessories. The use of precision dispensing machine to control the glue volume is 0.001 ml glue. The use of Teflon dispensing needle will not cause glue clogging and reduce the glue wire drawing problem. Hose is used to transport glue, and can also reduce the friction coefficient of glue. It is delivered to the inside of the dispensing valve on time. The motor provides power for the whole dispensing. These can be controlled by a large automatic dispenser control system to reduce the complexity of the production process.
Precision control screw dispensing valve for rubber compound
In fact, the matching of dispensing accessories is very simple. Firstly, the dispensing accessories are selected according to the accuracy of dispensing industry. For example, large-scale automatic dispensing machine is used for dispensing in the electronic industry, and it needs high-precision dispensing accessories and different types of dispensing valves. Secondly, according to the nature of glue, dispensing accessories, such as using silica gel for dispensing, need to use silica gel dispensing valves for dispensing, using other dispensing effects will be worse. The length of dispensing glue. For example, dispensing glue takes a long time. It requires pressure drums or other large amounts of glue. This is the way to match the dispensing accessories. The same is true of digital tube fillers. Match the corresponding accessories according to the industry requirements.
Fan-shaped spray valve
Selection of dispensing accessories and equipment according to the use requirements is beneficial to enterprises
Automatic dispensing machine with dispensing accessories can be selected according to the needs of the industry. For example, air pressure sensors are very important accessories. In addition to not using manual dispensing machine, automatic dispensing equipment is basically used, such as digital tube dispensing machine or large automatic dispensing machine. Sensors are used to control air pressure, especially large automatic dispensing machine. Better-priced accessories will be better and more expensive. The dispensing parts are directly related to the dispensing effect. As long as the components are selected according to the matching method given by the system, it is very helpful for dispensing or production.
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