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How to choose dispensing needle according to the situation o

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Industrial progress has brought about a new mode of production, from manual labor to the replacement of manual labor with robots. Dispensing operation is a good example. More and more manufacturers begin to use automatic dispensing equipment to produce, which greatly improves production efficiency and quality.
Plastic steel needle tube
When using an automatic dispensing machine, special attention should be paid to the use of dispensing needles. If you use different types of dispensing needles in different glue solutions, they will have different effects. Therefore, in order to achieve good quality of dispensing, we must pay attention to the correct use of dispensing needles.
The glue used for plastic needle is generally low in viscosity, such as dry glue, polyvinyl chloride glue, epoxy resin glue, ink glue, etc. The glue is not particularly high in viscosity and fluidity, so the driving pressure of dispensing needle used in production can not be too high to avoid damaging the product due to the production of glue.
Bending plastic needle
If you want to use plastic needles in production to achieve high-precision dispensing, you must pay attention to the following two points
1. Glue with high glue viscosity usually has poor fluidity and needs to be propelled by high pressure when dispensing, otherwise it is easy to draw. 2. Glue with low glue viscosity has high flowability. If the pressure is too high, it is easy to operate with large glue point.
Various kinds of plastic steel needles
The type of needle used for dispensing needs to conform to the viscosity of glue in order to use pressure to produce qualified products using dispensing equipment.
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