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The function of stainless steel pressure barrel can be seen

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The pressure barrel body is made of high pressure steel plate. Integral moulding, high safety, surface anti-rust treatment, stainless steel pressure barrel function has a special design, upper and lower rows are suitable for ordinary coatings, lower rows are suitable for high viscosity coatings, manual mixing pressure barrel is equipped with three hidden movable wheels.
Stainless steel glue-coated pressure barrel
Pressure barrel is equipped with SUS304 stainless steel upper and lower inner barrels, which can be purchased by customers.
The limit pressure of stainless steel pressure barrel should not exceed 80 pounds per square inch when it is used. If it is operated under overpressure, accidents may occur.
Special stainless steel pressure barrel for gluing
The stainless steel pressure barrel has various functions. It can be applied to the transportation of surface coatings in the fields of paint, baking paint, shoe upper, wood, rattan, leather, furniture, etc. It is especially suitable for the places where the coatings are easy to sink and work continuously. It can avoid the trouble of color difference in spraying. It can be used in conjunction with ordinary spraying gun and electrostatic spraying gun to reduce the number of spraying paints. It can reduce the weight of spray gun, increase control sensitivity, improve efficiency, and facilitate multi-angle spraying. In fact, stainless steel pressure barrel can be customized according to the actual size of the use!
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