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Advantages and characteristics of semi-automatic spray gun

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The manual semi-automatic spraying gun can spray hot melt glue. The inner spiral structure can ensure the effective injection of air pressure and glue. For example, when hot melt glue is sprayed on the mattress, the mattress surface needs to be sprayed with hot melt glue, but the thickness can not be too thick. In addition, in order to improve the speed of spraying, the method is effective and fast. The glue heated by hot melt glue machine can be transported to semi-automatic spraying gun, and the gas pressure is used. Strength blows glue out to form atomized coating.
Hand-held semi-automatic spray gun
Characteristics of Semi-automatic Gun Spray Gun
1. Components are made of high temperature resistant materials, which can withstand 300 degrees of high temperature. The material used is very light and easy to use.
2. The spray gun has heating function to prevent the hot melt from cooling and solidifying.
3. It can cooperate with various accessories to realize various gluing functions. In addition to spraying glue, it also has strip and dot effects and can be used for many purposes at a time.
Manual Hot Melt Adhesive Coating Machine
4. Semi-automatic spraying gun adopts manual pressure design, which is easy to operate and simple to use.
5. The whole body is made of high temperature resistant materials to prevent burns by operators.
6. Independently manufactured rubber parts can be used for various parts after precise cutting.
7. It can be used in conjunction with various hot melt adhesive spraying machines as required.
The invention can also realize different coating effects according to accessories matched with semi-automatic spraying gun, thus avoiding the diversification of coating requirements of manufacturers.
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