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What type of pressure bucket used most in the dispensing equ

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Along with the application scope of the dispensing dispensing machine continuously expanding, more and more popular in our daily life, because the more advanced dispensing equipment, use of accessories are also more perfect, the pressure barrel as one of the important parts of dispensing equipment, is no exception. So that the pressure barrel use most? It is best to use?
The dispensing equipment tend to improve the use of accessories is various, the pressure barrel is no exception, appear on the market at present the pressure barrel of various kinds, such as: plastic pressure barrel, stainless steel pressure barrels, steel pressure barrels, etc., different types of pressure barrel types, size is not the same, function and role it is not the same; such as plastic pressure barrel, this kind of pressure barrel prices, types of glue have no choice, but because
The material is plastic. It is used for a long time. It is easy to fail, even explode and is not easy to resist compression and wear resistance in the process of use.
This kind of steel pressure barrel, barrel pressure have a riot, fire performance, can continue to use, long time heating, no spark, but this kind of pressure on the cost of a barrel of plastic pressure barrels of expensive, in the volume of the product type, usually no plastic pressure barrel so big.
Stainless steel pressure barrel, the barrel is pressure dispensing equipment used more accessories. It combines the advantages of plastic barrels, pressure and steel pressure barrel two pressure barrel such as fire, riot, can be used for a long time, compressive strength, abrasion resistance, and the price is moderate, but it has defects, this kind of pressure the barrel in weight than the two barrels of heavy pressure to many, if in the daily need to move more trouble; so from the above can be seen, all kinds of pressure barrel has its own advantage, in the daily selection should be based on their own needs to seriously consider.
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