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What is the price of high precision glue needles?

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The dispensing machine is a kind of bonding equipment in recent years industrial production have been used, many manufacturers will use the dispensing machine to work. Use the dispenser, must be applied to the important parts of dispensing needles, while dispensing needle size is very small, many people can not see it. But it is in play the dispensing process role is immeasurable.
With the rapid development of the dispensing, dispensing needles also increased to different types, so many different kinds of dispensing needles, it plays the role of different, so the price of needles are also different, so there will be a lot of people ask me what is the price of needles? Here I talk to all users. The needles market is too complex, a few cents to tens of dollars.
But in the view of small needles the price is not the most important, the most important is the role played by the dispensing needle and the service life, which is the most important; high precision dispensing needle is currently on the market is a practical accessories. Speaking here, and certainly not less people ask me high precision dispensing needle price expensive? I can only say to buy the product when asking price is normal, this is the manufacturer can reduce production cost a lot. But I can only say that the price is important, but the price is the most important.
High precision dispensing needle is currently on the market the most used a needle, a needle cylinder compared to other species, the needle can well reduce clogging or drawing phenomenon, compared with other types of needles, it has more compressive strength, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance advantages. It can be seen that the price of the needle is not be able to determine the root causes that needle. The most important thing is to consider according to the actual situation.
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