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The glue blocked needle can be cleaned with lubricating dete

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With the development of the electronic industry, especially the mobile phone and semiconductor industry, a large number of industries that need to use glue require higher and higher dispensing accuracy. As a result of dispensing, high precision dispensing needles and precision injection valves are becoming more and more popular. However, the replacement cost of precision dispensing needle and precision injection valve is very expensive. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, we developed a precision dispensing needle lubricating detergent.
Needle lubricating detergent
The developed anti hardening cleaning agent is mainly for the lubrication and cleaning of precision dispensing needles and high-precision dispensing valves, to ensure smooth dispensing, no resistance, no pulling, to avoid blocking, drawing and anti curing, the main purpose is to save costs for enterprises and reduce unnecessary waste. Adding lubricant to the dispensing needle or dispensing valve can reduce the cleaning times of the needle, save the detergent, save the time of changing the needle, use these time to produce more products, reduce the rate of defective products, prevent the abrasion of the needle, and extend the service life of the needle.
Stainless steel dispensing needle
Scope of application: dispensing needle lubrication, coating valve lubrication, stainless steel needle lubrication, high precision dispensing valve lubrication, high precision dispensing needle lubrication, multi head precision needle lubrication, plunger dispensing valve lubrication, nozzle cleaning and lubrication, spray gun cleaning and lubrication, precision dispensing valve and spray valve lubrication.
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