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Working mode of screw dispensing valve driven by electric po

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Screw dispensing valve working mode dispensing valve is only a fluid control pneumatic valve, the first thing is to enable and turn off the hose switch in fluid control. What is the advantage of fluid control different from dispensing valve? Both pneumatic and motor have corresponding dispensing characteristics, which will be explained as follows. No matter which dispensing valve, its primary structure is to rely on pneumatic or electric type to maintain the adjustment of the rubber volume, so how does the screw dispensing valve work?
Screw coating valve
The screw dispensing valve uses the rotating feed screw rod to realize the glue filling according to the pneumatic displacement replaced by the forward electric power displacement, which can maintain the ultra-high precision adjustment of the whole process of glue filling. The unique design scheme can ensure that the collagen filling material constantly appears at the inlet of the screw rod. The rotation of the screw rod control plan will lead the raw material from the inlet to the glue filling inlet, and the screw rod can be independently turned forward and adjusted. Section can maintain the precise adjustment of the filling amount.
Screw dispensing device
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