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PP soft needle is better to prevent scratches

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  The scratched product is caused by using the wrong parts. Some needles are very hard, which easily causes the product to scratch. Some softer needles should be used. Although they scratch the product, they will not affect the appearance of the product. It is a kind of soft needle, also known as PP soft dispensing needle, also called flexible needle.
  Flexible dispensing needles are different from plastic needles. Although they are all made of PP materials, one is hard, the other is soft. The two positions are different, so the manufacturing cost of PP soft needles is higher. Because soft dispensing needles need to be added with special materials to maintain a certain softness, and have the function of automatic recovery. In order to solve this problem, the production of flexible dispensing needles meets the demand There are five types of needle.
  Model of flexible dispensing needle
  To prevent scratches, we need to use flexible dispensing needles instead of stainless steel needles. This is the common sense of dispensing. If you need any type of flexible needles, we can configure them for you, or customize them. The quantity of customization is 100000. The cost of needles is very low, and the cost of early production is very large, so it can be produced by the manufacturer itself only when the batch is large Produced out of the mold, but there is no quantity, the cost is very large.
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