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Is it OK to select dispensing valve for adhesive packaging?

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According to the type of the machine, the glue dispensing valve is directly related to the glue dispensing valve. The machine controls the movement of the glue dispensing valve. The glue dispensing valve controls the amount of glue out and spreads the glue on the product. However, the most important thing is to choose the right glue dispensing valve. The glue dispensing requirements of the product are different. Choose the right glue dispensing valve to carry out the glue encapsulation.
Viscose packaging
  Use double liquid glue for bonding and packaging, mix the two kinds of glue together, and glue dispensing can be carried out evenly, so as to meet the production demand. According to the above requirements, it is necessary to match the metering dispensing valve, which has a high proportion of glue and an inaccurate proportion of glue output. It is necessary to use the metering dispensing valve to calculate the glue accurately, and then carry out glue dispensing, so as to meet the requirements of glue packaging. The dispensing valve enables Use is so, need to meet the dispensing requirements, can be applied in the industry dispensing.
Viscose packaging
  Glue filling protection refers to the glue filling of products. After sealing, the product is very low affected by the outside world, which can play a role in protection, product glue sealing, sealing, glue filling, dispensing, etc. These are the effects that can be achieved by bonding. The use of metering dispensing valve can control the glue flow, and according to the above dispensing effect, higher production effect can be achieved
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