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Apply thread glue to the dispensing valve suitable for use

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When applying screw glue, it needs to clean the dust on the surface of the product. In the workshop, it is better to operate in the dust-free workshop. It is generally used for sealing metal bolts, often used for sealing in the screw industry, also known as screw glue. Chemical reaction can occur between the screw glue and the metal, that is, the glue will solidify in the dispensing valve, while the screw glue is very sticky and not easy to clean. You know what dispensing is used for applying screw glue Valves? I know, let Xiaobian speed you.
Thread coating adhesive

  There are two ways to apply thread glue, automatic dispensing and semi-automatic dispensing.

  Semi automatic dispensing mode: the hose made of Teflon material will not react with the screw glue by using the characteristics of the peristaltic dispensing machine and the pipeline transportation mode. The peristaltic device will roll the hose and pull the glue out of the storage tank. In the dispensing problem, the screw glue can be applied manually. This is a semi-automatic dispensing mode, without the use of dispensing valve.
Thread coating adhesive
  Automatic dispensing mode: both diaphragm dispensing valve and precision screw dispensing valve can meet the requirements of applying screw glue. The speed and precision of semi-automatic dispensing mode are the biggest disadvantages. Although it can meet the dispensing requirements, the precision control and speed are all controlled by manual. In order to solve the problem of precision and speed, two dispensing valves have been developed. The material is also used for Teflon. The core of diaphragm dispensing valve is isolation Membrane device, can transport glue, and carry out dispensing, with stable precision control, can be used with automatic machine.
  The precision screw dispensing valve has the best effect of applying thread glue, and its precision is also better than the first two. It can really meet the precision requirement of 0.01mm. It has high speed and accuracy of applying glue, but its price is relatively high. It is about 12000 a set of price, and its service life is also very long. It is driven by screw and electric machine, and its output control is stable than air pressure, and its dispensing precision is accurate. Even small points can still be dispensing The spraying speed is 1000mm / s, which is beyond their reach.
  Characteristics of screw thread adhesive: the viscosity of the adhesive is not high, it is difficult to clean, the complete solidification time is 24 hours, the solidification is very solid, the sealing effect can be achieved, the bolt quality can be protected, the service life will increase, the environmental pollution is low, the manual use is harmless, the use is wide, the service life is long, the screw thread adhesive will not solidify without contacting the air, there are many characteristics of screw thread adhesive that will not be listed one by one.
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