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How to use the dispensing syringe? I don't know. Let's see

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  How to use the dispensing syringe is actually very simple. Why? Because the dispensing syringe is a simple accessory, just pour the glue into the dispensing syringe, connect the dispensing machine controller, adjust the dispensing parameters, and hold it for dispensing. This is the way to use the dispensing syringe. In fact, there are some details, just pay attention to them.
  In fact, the use of dispensing syringe is mainly in pouring. A small bottle can be used to pour glue into the syringe and then into the syringe to prevent waste of glue. Or it can be poured around the syringe, which is not conducive to production and also has an impact on dispensing. The use of dispensing syringe lies in pouring glue. At present, it is not particularly convenient, so it can only be poured directly In the dispensing syringe
  If the glue is relatively easy to release, you can use the dispensing syringe to directly extract it, and then dispensing it when the whole cylinder is full, which is relatively convenient. If the glue viscosity is high, you can pour it directly. In fact, the syringe is very convenient to use, so it's not so troublesome. Using the dispensing syringe has a lot of effects on the dispensing effect. If you don't understand, you can ask. Today, let's talk about two kinds of dispensing syringes The problem.
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