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The working principle and some special advantages of plastic

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Plastic dispensing needle work principle is simple, is the dispensing needle mounted in the dispensing valve, and then through the needle to complete the task of glue dispensing, dispensing needle principle is, although very small seemingly dispensing needle, but this is not the case, no dispensing needle, dispensing machine is unable to complete the task of dispensing, it can be said the dispensing needle is one of the important parts of dispensing machine.
Although the principle of dispensing needle is relatively simple, but it will not affect the important position in the dispensing machine, dispensing needles to plastic flow control, because the desktop dispenser now need to use needles to control the size of the inner diameter of the glue, glue point needle size, reducing gel time, small needles glue, can increase the time.
Plastic dispensing needle has some special advantages in the work, because these needles are disposable needles, so you can adjust the dispensing direction and does not need to carry out cleaning and maintenance work for the dispensing needle, and the most important is not blocked, this is the advantage of plastic dispensing needle.
You may feel is the use of disposable needles is a waste of costs, these are determined by the use of glue, because there are some glue fast curing, the more expensive cost of dispensing needles by plastic dispensing needle, cheap price, zero per cent more also won't have accounted for a few products can be assured. Use.
The use of disposable plastic dispensing needles can cause some waste, but these wastes can be controlled. Other dispensing valves can't be used like plastic dispensing needles.
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