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The use of plastic syringe needle and points for attention

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In this industry's rapid development, how to choose a high quality equipment can help us good to improve the efficiency and quality of production, the dispensing machine is an important auxiliary industrial production equipment, in which more experience is the most incisive. As the main parts in dispensing equipment, dispensing needle play effect is more obvious, so we use in daily production to the dispensing needle at the time need to pay attention to those matters.
Not every dispensing syringe dispensing machine are a kind of the same species, dispensing syringes with the dispensing equipment in order to meet the fast growing of equipment, dispensing syringe becomes more and more perfect. There are many types of dispensing syringe on the market, the contending phenomenon. For example: disposable plastic dispensing syringe disposable dispensing needle cylinder, piston, American Pneumatic dispensing syringe, UV dispensing syringe, manual dispensing needle and so on.
As an important part of dispensing syringe dispensing equipment, play the role is self-evident. As a common dispensing equipment dispensing accessories, plastic dispensing needle to make glue glue conveying medium, more uniform, but also directly needle dispensing, such a model is more conducive to the dispensing operation, making it more clean.
The use of plastic dispensing needle is actually very simple, in daily operation as long as the check point needle cylinder leaks can. Because if the dispensing syringe needle, will cause the original pressure drops, the pressure drops caused by structure may be dispensing is not enough, and a lot of bad products; and if the needle cylinder leakage the inner part of the needle cylinder, will cause the glue bubbles, this will lead to a decline of the dispensing quality.
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