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How to realize fast two component glue filling

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The two-component glue dispensing valve, called the two-component glue dispensing valve, can mix the two kinds of glue together, and then carry out the glue dispensing task, which is very suitable for the two-component glue dispensing requirements. How to achieve the fast glue dispensing task, it needs to configure the corresponding dispensing equipment to solve the production efficiency problem.
  First of all, we need to know the requirements of glue filling, and the control method from the beginning can solve the problem of double liquid glue filling. Because the glue mixing proportion and viscosity are different, the first step is to determine the glue mixing proportion and glue viscosity, and then preliminarily estimate which kind of two-component dispensing valve to use. These requirements directly affect the fundamental factors. It is basically impossible to match inappropriate accessories Glue is mixed or mixed unevenly, which leads to product quality problems.
Step 2: some glues are special, such as epoxy glue. When glue a and glue B are mixed together, there will be bubble problems. Only when all bubbles are discharged, can epoxy glue be filled to avoid bubbles, resulting in different quality of each product and safety problems.
  Step 3: according to the product requirements, some of them are combined with the assembly line, some of them need a lot of glue, some need to point to point and so on. It is also the requirement that our company can meet to manufacture the appropriate glue filling machine and two-component dispensing valve according to the product requirements. With targeted production, the production effect will be greatly improved, and there is no need to make too many attempts, and the machine can be directly pulled back to use, which is very convenient.
  These three steps are needed for two-component glue filling. When choosing two-component glue valve, we need to know static two-liquid glue valve and dynamic two-liquid glue valve. The difference is that the glue mixing effect is dynamic with motor, static natural flow, and dynamic two-liquid glue valve can mix glue independently, so we can use high proportion epoxy glue to fill glue and some high viscosity glue There are still big differences in water, dynamic and static aspects, which can prevent the above problems. Different from other glues, epoxy glue should be mainly used.
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