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Paint dispensing valve

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Paint is also often used in handicrafts and decorations. Generally, these products are large in quantity and small in volume. Manual spraying and soaking will affect the beauty of the products, and the product value will be very poor. Paint spraying can not affect the quality of the products, which contains an unusually high technical content. We recommend an accessory suitable for paint spraying to you, called paint dispensing valve This is a pneumatic spray dispensing valve manufactured by using the pneumatic spraying technology. It has the non-contact dispensing technology and the glue quantity is controlled to be small.

  Paint dispensing valve features

  1. Non contact dispensing technology, dispensing can be carried out without contacting the product, and z-axis is also removed.
  2. The dispensing precision is high, the paint spraying can reach 250Hz per minute, and the repetition precision is high.
  3. It is easy to operate, control and maintain, and can be disassembled in five seconds.
  4. The design is novel and can greatly improve the point life.
  5. The gap can be used for dispensing, and the dispensing accuracy can reach 0.2mm
  6. Non contact spray dispensing is simpler, faster and higher quality than traditional dispensing.
  7. The use cost is relatively low for a long time.
  The application range of paint spraying is very wide, covering a wide range of industries. For some small viscosity glues, paint dispensing valve can be used as the core application valve. For example, when painting the car logo, there will be several different colors on the car logo, BMW and Geely. In fact, these car logos are all painted, so in order to meet the core needs, paint dots are generally used Glue valve, because spray effect is good, so it is worth choosing.
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