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How about using stainless steel pressure barrel to store yel

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Yellow gum is a kind of glue that is often used. If dispensing and storage become a problem that manufacturers need to solve, after the research of our engineering department, we recommend the dispensing equipment produced by our company to solve the problem of yellow glue storage and dispensing. Which machine and accessories are they? In fact, our 3131 dispensing valve and stainless steel pressure barrel can quickly solve the dispensing problem!
  3131 dispensing valve is a large flow dispensing valve, which can use glue with high viscosity glue. Yellow glue belongs to medium and high type glue, which meets the viscosity requirements. To carry out dispensing, it is necessary to use a suitable dispensing valve. However, the price of 3131 dispensing valve is cheap. A dispensing price is 280 pieces / yuan, which is cheap and suitable for use.
  Stainless steel dispensing valve is made of 304 stainless steel pressure barrel, which can meet the requirements of glue storage, and does not need to add other accessories. The ordinary type can also be stored. Unlike other glue, yellow glue will not solidify inside the pressure bucket, so it does not need to change glue or clean it. It is relatively simple. Moreover, the service life of stainless steel pressure bucket is long. If it is used normally, it will be large It can be used for five or six years. It can solve the problem of yellow glue storage with more accessories.
  Yellow glue storage and dispensing should have a certain understanding of it, I can produce these accessories, but also have the production of dispensing platform technology Oh! If you have any demand for yellow gum storage and dispensing, please contact us!
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