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The cause of bubble in carbon steel pressure bucket

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Carbon steel pressure pail is an accessory often equipped by dispensing machine. It is mainly responsible for storing different glue, and dispensing glue through pressure drive glue during the dispensing operation, which ensures the working time and efficiency of dispensing. The biggest factor affecting the effect of glue dispensing is bubble. If the bubble appears in carbon steel pressure pail, it will affect the quality and effect of dispensing. If we want to solve the problem of bubbles in carbon steel pressure pail, we first need to understand the causes of bubbles, so that we will solve them later.
Glue bubbles is a common problem in general is the glue dispensing, uneven stirring or poor sealing glue bubbles caused, directly affect the butt strength and bonding area, the rate of non-performing products rose sharply, due to carbon steel is the main pressure barrel bubble tightness caused by incomplete sealing, whether standard users should check the pressure barrel before purchase carbon steel pressure bucket, bucket can not choose sealing pressure of the poor, and the carbon steel pressure barrel manufacturers can leak detection by ultrasonic in the manufacturing process, avoid glue made by bubble effect.
The bubble is not entirely because of pressure caused by the steel barrel, may also enter the part with air pressure will glue into carbon steel barrel, the barrel pressure glue in the air bubble, the operator in the pour glue as quickly as possible, to avoid affecting the normal work of the dispensing effect, such as internal pressure glue barrel steel if bubbles appear, can use of vacuum deaeration technology bubble glue.
In order to solve the problem of bubbles in carbon steel pressure pail, we can get rid of the glue's internal air by stirring sufficiently, so as to avoid affecting the normal dispensing.
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