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How to clean the automatic pressure barrel of carbon steel

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The pressure barrel quietly on the ground in fact do not think what is actually something special, and more functional, a lot of people know that pressure bucket is used for glue storage, that is a simple one, this is not the case, the carbon steel barrel to be automatic pressure sealing glue, keeping the air out and the pressure does not leak that requires a relatively high technology crafted, pressure barrels generally can not complete the package requirement.
Steel barrel type automatic pressure used for glue, glue or replacement after the task is completed, the need for cleaning, if no cleaning work for pressure tube caused by the back, you need to clean, every price is higher than the pressure barrel, so for the loss of the enterprise is relatively large. The.
Cleaning of carbon steel pressure barrel way is relatively simple, as long as the use of circulating cleaning agent once, use this cleaning method is more beneficial for the pressure barrel, because it caused no damage to the pressure barrel not, nor how serious the environmental impact, so the use of cleaning this way is the best.
This is how the cleaning method of steel pressure barrel, use other cleaning methods have caused great impact on the environment, or is caused by water pollution, or cause the waste of water resources and so on, these are the impact on environment, is not conjunctive way.
Cleaning carbon steel pressure pail can choose to clean with the dispensing machine, so that it will not waste too much resources. Anyway, every time you use glue dispenser, you need to carry out a cleaning operation, so cleaning is also more convenient, no need to separate manpower and material resources for cleaning.
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