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The origin and classification of the dispensing valve

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If you want to develop science and technology, automatic integration becomes important, dispensing machine solves the lack of labor for many users, the manual dispensing speed, defective products, waste glue and many other issues, enhance the manufacturers product quality and production efficiency, reduce production cost and so on.
As an important parts of dispensing valve inside the dispensing machine, said the origin and classification of rubber valve must also be the starting point, from its role in the beginning. After years of development, its use scope is also constantly expanding, from the beginning of the UV curable conductive adhesive, until the industry photovoltaic solar industry, photovoltaic industry, biochemical industry steam machine the car parts coating technology and technology higher today, dispensing valve plays an important role.
Dispensing valves can be divided into two types: pneumatic and electric: the pneumatic point glue valve is made up of the three parts of the cylinder, valve body and material cylinder, and the cylinder and valve body are separated by advanced sealing material, so as to prevent glue from penetrating into the cylinder. The cylinder and cylinder are connected to the main body of the valve valve and keep the concentricity with the cylinder. The movement of the cylinder of the solenoid valve drives the drive center rod to move up and down, and then the upper and lower movements of the central rod can be used to open and shut the glue. According to the way of opening and closing, it can be divided into: plunger dispensing valve, thimble dispensing valve, lifting dispensing valve, spray dispensing valve and radiation dispensing valve. The switch mode is different, and the applicable fluid is also different.
The working principle of the thimble dispensing valve is the thimble dispensing valve: it moves in the opposite direction with the suction suction dispensing valve, giving a signal to the solenoid valve, thereby driving the piston of the dispensing valve to move upward, and the glue is pressed through the cylinder and glue from the needle. The electric dispensing valve, including the pump body and the driving part, is complicated with the stator. With the design of fixed rotor structure, the sealing function is good. The rotor and the stator pair constitute self sealing structure, which is easy to exchange. Through the directional rotation of the rotor in the stator cavity, the effect of media delivery is completed. The process of delivery will not have any effect on the function of the medium.
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