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The thimble pin valve has those common problems

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Like the dispensing valve dispensing machine, the use of time, there will be some problems when using ordinary dispensing, the need to run the observation of the thimble type dispensing valve, whenever there are some problems before making abnormal sound or irregular dispensing, these conditions need to check the dispensing valve, so as to avoid the more the problem of using thimble dispensing valve is also the need for maintenance, not only use, but not for maintenance work.
The common problem of the thimble type dispensing valve has the problem of blocking leak adhesive, sealing ring, aging, thimble can not be used, these are the problems, which a lot of relationship with the check, the glue is corrosive, and the sealing ring is made of plastic, although with anti-corrosion materials, but a long time will corrosion to the sealing ring, will lead to the problems of air leakage or leakage glue dispensing valve appears, over a period of time to detect a dispensing valve is corrosion, can not only prevent thimble dispensing valve problems, but also ensure the quality of dispensing.
From the working principle of the thimble type dispensing valve can be seen, the use of the process is very particular, this is why the performance of this dispensing valve so well, the manufacturing process is very use of materials, and the valves are anodized, with strong corrosion resistance can.
The thimble dispensing valve belongs to the dispensing valve in the boutique, first performance in other dispensing, when choosing the valve, best can consider buying this product dispensing valve thimble, certainly will not let customers down, is made after dispensing valve thimble Automation Co. Ltd. to build a strong product, it can at least make the dispensing machine upgrade a new class.
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