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Ab dispensing valve operation should pay attention to what p

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Ab dispensing valve is also divided into two kinds of valves, one is manual valves, the other is automatic valves, mainly to understand the manual AB dispensing valve. Semi automation in the full automation of the impact of the industry can be applied less and less, of course, this is social progress, is worth promoting.
Precision dispensing valve
Ab use the dispensing valve noting the need to pay attention to some problems, because of long time use of dispensing valve will have some problems, will affect the operation of the AB dispenser, so need to pay attention to dispensing operation in the operation process, to prevent the production of bad products, will not be in exchange for the loss for the enterprise.
There are several, in the course of operation worthy of attention to problems such as uneven stirring, uneven glue, glue glue dispensing valve leakage, valve leakage, these are the need to pay attention to the operation process, the dispensing quality will have a relatively large impact, these problems need to be resolved.
High speed dispensing valve
In fact, AB dispensing valve operation problems are a common problem, because there is no clean dispensing valve or is not carried out in accordance with the instructions, in accordance with the instructions for use as long as the problems of operating common dispensing valve will not operate AB dispensing machine first must be familiar with the process, the operation is more convenient.
Manual dispensing valve with automatic dispensing valve there are some differences between AB and dispensing valve problems can be found in time, but also can not ignore the problem, although manual dispensing is not high for precision, but also to be responsible for the product appearance, good products, sales will be greatly enhanced.
Double fluid dispensing valve
No matter what valves are the same, need to pay attention to the problem should pay attention to, or not is the problem, or cause damage to the product, or to the dispensing valve is damaged, these problems will lead to increase the cost of business, in the process it is best to pay attention to these problems.
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