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What's the difference between the spray technology and the c

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With the continuous improvement of dispenser production technology, all kinds of dispensing equipment are also emerging in the dispensing market, for example, silicone gel dispensers, anaerobic glue dispensers, high-speed dispensers, precision dispensers, spray dispensers, and many other types. In particular, the rapid development of non contact adhesive technology in recent years.
As the jet dispensing technology continues to improve, more and more industries are using the jetting technology, but jet dispensing equipment is not only the dispensing, dispensing needles are different, using the needle jetting dispensing technology called nozzle, using ordinary needle point glue equipment can be called contact dispensing needle.
Jet dispensing technology is the glue by high speed from the nozzle, the injection valve of the thrust of the glue is jetted from the nozzle. Every injection will spray a certain amount of glue. Now the common injection frequency is 100 Hz to 200 Hz, but with jet technology continues to improve, I believe we can quickly at 1000 Hz, injection technology is the dispensing industry in the most advanced dispensing technology, mainly used in high-end visual dispenser.
Jet dispensing and contact dispensing in difference. The glue is ejected, contact the substrate before the glue has and nozzle separately. The biggest difference lies in the dispensing position when moving, moving without dispensing head Z axis; contact dispensing manipulator in X, y, Z axis, glue flow out from the needle contact the substrate. However, with the emergence of precision dispensing needles in recent years, the contact type glue technology is also more precise, so great progress has been made.
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