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Will the size of the needles size affect the quality of the

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As the fluid dispensing machine on the market control equipment, is mainly composed of many different parts. If you want to ask what is the most important parts of a dispensing device, may say is the dispensing valve, it may be said is the motor, some might say, some people may also control system that is the rail or dispensing needle, I dare say no one said dispensing needle, needle like dispensing because for other accessories, is not only a small volume, application performance in no other accessories so obvious, and the needles in the dispensing process but also because of this or that of the blockage, drawing so, this is why the case so people ignore the root cause of needles.
In fact, with the idea of the user is wrong, as one of the dispensing needle dispensing equipment on the accessories, although the role of rubber valve and motor not so obvious, but it play the role is self-evident, is essential. There is a little deviation at the time of purchase, the user will lead to the emergence of various problems at the time of production, so the needles specifications will affect the overall effect size of the dispensing quality.
The dispensing needle of the common market are: precision dispensing needles, needles, stainless steel tube plastic needle, Teflon needles, needles in different specifications, models are also different, so if you are on a precision dispensing needle specification selection, how to choose?
In dispensing operation, the size of dispensing needles will directly affect the amount of gum output. Usually, it is necessary to say that when the amount of glue is large, it is necessary to choose larger needles and vice versa.
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