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What is the difference between the high precision needle and

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LED dispensing machine is the lighting industry preferred dispensing equipment, used in these industries, in addition to dispensing valve, controller, guide, arm and other parts, need to be carefully selected, dispensing needles is the same, is the need to choose according to the requirements of the industry, is one of the important parts of needles is directly related to the effect of dispensing, choice the way can not be careless, otherwise it will lead to the dispensing effect is not as good as expected.
Select LED dispensing needles, need to understand the difference between high precision dispensing needles and ordinary needles, because the two kinds of needles are used in the lighting industry, LED lamp and light emitting diode chip to package, these are used in precision dispensing needles, or dispensing effect is not up to the requirements. The common spot glue needle is used in the LED glue needle for coating. It needs a large amount of glue, and the precision of the pinpoint glue needles can not be satisfied.
Precision dispensing needle use in dispensing can use single LED chip, light emitting diode can use multiple precision dispensing needle for dispensing, evenly spaced rows of light emitting diode on the substrate, the use of multi precision dispensing needle dispensing disposable can point several glue, can quickly complete the dispensing task, use the appropriate dispensing needle is able to achieve this effect.
Ordinary dispensing needles and precision dispensing needle produced will have their own use, can not produce one without product, LED dispensing the use of accessories are also different, with the use of accessories, application scenario of LED dispenser will also change, with the production process has a lot of difference, the difference between precision dispensing needle and ordinary dispensing needle is here.
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