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In general, the frequency of the replacement of the needles

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The dispensing needle dispensing valve is a control for low-end glue glue on accessories, the more high precision dispensing needle glue quantity is easy to control, dispensing needles on the market are mainly durable durable stainless steel needles, stainless steel needles have higher corrosion resistance characteristics of life, is most common accessory dispensing, dispensing needle replacement the frequency of problems have been discussed, this problem belongs to different views, the following Xiaobian to express their views.
Replace the dispensing needle is in order to make the dispensing machine more smoothly perform dispensing work, according to the different dispensing needle are replaced with different frequency, practicality and durability of stainless steel needles is very strong, can maintain the quality of normal dispensing work for a long time, then recommend you if the user is not because loss can be reduced by replacing needles the frequency of stainless steel needles, stainless steel needles only need to periodically check whether with residue or remove foreign bodies.
A plastic spiral dispensing needle needle is common, the needle precision polishing without burr, high precision glue dispensing needle can ensure the work smoothly, the double helix locking improves the fixation strength of dispensing needles in the dispensing valve of the demolition has the characteristics of simple and easy to use, there is a certain gap between the precision dispensing needle durability and practical than the stainless steel needles, so the replacement frequency is higher, and the spiral plastic seat needle with the dismantling of simple features more convenient for the user to remove.
The brush dispensing needle is mainly used for dispensing needles with low viscosity glue dispensing. The service life of this kind of needle is very high, unless the operator affects the normal use of glue with high viscosity.
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