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The replacement time of the often used glue needles is

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The dispensing needle belongs to the most frequent replacement of rubber machine accessories, which is related to the dispensing industry, related to the dispensing needle life, with glue size, with glue dispensing to concentration, good effect, need to replace the needles, manufacturing process of dispensing needle relative to the dispensing machine, is relatively simple, manufacturing need time and material costs are relatively small, only a few needles is expensive.
There are many kinds of needles market, production process of each dispensing needle are different, dispensing needle replacement time need to understand the overall quality of the dispensing needle, these with the production process and material have a great relationship, good material dispensing needle usage time will be much longer, such as disposable needles, the use of plastic and the ordinary needle is made, usually after the use of time, will need to be replaced, can not be used again.
Multi precision dispensing needle using Teflon material, the use of high-tech manufacturing, fine needle bayonet, requires a very precise instrument made of disposable needles in your price is ten times more than either the dispensing process or the use of time are other needles for a long time, even if the long time use will not have glue adhesive the dispensing needle mouth, the use of multi precision dispensing needle does not require frequent replacement.
Ordinary dispensing needle general replacement time is three days or a week, depending on the use of needles, jam or needle mouth oblique, need timely replacement, the use of needles is fixed, the replacement time have also need to know the dispensing needle head is a problem, so the maximum extent to ensure that no waste the cost of manufacturers.
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