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Where can I buy a pinhead

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The dispensing machine is a kind of glue to control product dispensing equipment, dispensing with the continuous improvement of production technology, which can be used glue types are constantly increasing, such as silica gel, black glue, anaerobic adhesives, two-component glue and many other types of glue, paint, ink, and other fluid. The rapid improvement of glue control technology is the application range of dispensing machine is also expanding. However, there are always two sides of things. The sales volume of the market is increasing rapidly, and some problems have also been fed back from the market.
Ordinary dispensing needles due to backward production technology, low cost, and use a needle can not fully adapt to a variety of products and a variety of glue such as: hot melt plastic dispensing needle, this result is similar to the problems such as can be imagined; there are a lot of. As a result, many users of the glue dispenser began to seek the problem of where some of the needles were bought, and the manufacturers of the needles were produced in Shenzhen.
The bayonet dispensing needle is used as the upgraded version of the general dispensing needle. By adding a bayonet in the production of ordinary needles, the dispensing needle is more firm in the dispensing process. Although it is simple to say, only some domestic manufacturers can produce this kind of glue needle at present. For example, Shenzhen area Hai Yu company and Dongguan regional automation company have the production technology in this area.
Of course, there are not only two manufacturers that can produce bayonet dispensing needles, but I suggest that users with these needs can go to the two companies first, because the brand awareness of the two companies is still good in the dispensing industry.
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