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Does glue stickiness have an effect on the needles

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Glue can be used to connect products, which can be used in many industries, such as LED, mobile phone keys, electronic components and other products. The dispensing needle can be dispensed on the dispensing machine for dispensing. When the parameters of the dispenser are adjusted accurately, the dispensing can be automatically aligned and dispensed, instead of manual dispensing. However, some of the viscosity of the glue is relatively high, when the glue is easy to draw the phenomenon of drawing, then the selected glue needles need to meet those requirements?
If the glue viscosity is relatively high and it is easy to solidify, it is better to use the syringe needle with shorter needle length to avoid the excessive dispensing needles and clotting. Different products require different amount of glue, so when using dispenser, it is necessary to select the size of the inner diameter of the dispensing needle according to the output requirement of the product, so that the dispensing work can avoid the unqualified glue output.
On the contrary, if the viscosity of the glue is low, it is easy to leak out when used, and has some influence on the appearance of the product. For glue with low viscosity, needle dispensers with longer needles should be selected, and the flow rate of dispensers should be adjusted to avoid leakage and ensure the quality of products.
In addition to use will affect the viscosity of the glue dispensing needle dispensing, dispensing needles and if the product is too close or too far, will not only damage or scratch the appearance of the product, will wear needles, affect the dispensing precision, so in the debugging of dispensing products and the needle distance when you can try slowly alignment for dispensing. Avoid dispensing position is not accurate influence the effect of dispensing.
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