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Use PP needles to strengthen the fluency

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The electronics industry has special requirements for dispensing technology, in addition to meet the slit uniform filling, also do not affect the use of scratch products, so the selection and implementation of parts of the dispensing machine is very strict, not to hurt the needles in the industry in the high demand, through the use of PP can enhance the effect of fluid dispensing dispensing needle and will not scratch the integrity of electronic products.
PP uses a needle made of polypropylene, polypropylene very high melting point, high temperature glue dispensing can be in a variety of flow process, PP polypropylene material hardness texture is relatively low, effectively prevent scratches influence product quality high speed dispensing process, suitable for a variety of fluid dispensing work uniform and accurate, the electronic products are filled with fine accurate path uniform, ensure the normal work of electronic components can be used to enhance the product quality and practicality, can not be used in corrosive glue dispensing, dispensing needles easily affect the effect and service life.
In the practical work, the use of PP needle to strengthen the fluency and coherence of the glue dispensing, polypropylene belongs to light plastic processing, excellent performance can be made of polyethylene with different shapes, the glue can flow more smoothly, can carry out large quantities of glue or fine dispensing at any time, it is a very practical and convenient dispensing needle.
The bulb will need glue evenly coated on the surface and do not scratch, can be accomplished by PP glue dispensing needle, can ensure completely attached to the bulb, bulb in recent years the market demand prompted the demand PP dispensing needle rising, dispensing technology has been further extended and expanded.
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