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How to use the syringe needle

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As a dispenser equipment accessories, dispensing syringe is widely used. In LED, semiconductor manufacturing, electronic parts, cell phone buttons and other products, glue dispensers can be used for dispensing. Each product has different requirements for dispensing, so there are many kinds of dispensing syringes. The most common dispensing syringes are EFD dispensing syringe, American dispensing syringe, AB dispensing syringe and so on. Different kinds of glue needles have different requirements for glue. So how do you use the syringe?
The glue needles should be selected according to the requirements of the spot glue before the glue needle is used, which can guarantee the amount of glue to meet the requirement of the glue. After selecting the syringe, the dispensing parameters of the dispenser can be adjusted accurately, and it can be automatically aligned for dispensing. When adjusting the dispensing parameters, it is necessary to adjust the dispensing parameters according to the dispensing requirements, so that it is convenient for dispensing. When adjusting the distance between the product and the needles, we can try to adjust it slowly, so as to avoid the long or too wide damage to the needles and the scraping products.
When the glue parameter is adjusted, the glue can be made. But when in use because of some causes of dispensing syringe clogging, such as the use of glue quality is not good, in the process of using the impurities will plug needles or syringes, affect the dispensing work; high viscosity glue used and the dispensing needle, glue curing phenomenon in the dispensing work, will have some impact on the dispensing work.
When there is a blockage, it is best to stop the glue work and change the syringe needle. Or the use of a barrel heater to melt the glue in the syringe needle to make it easy to glue. It is best to clean the barrel once after the use of the syringe needle, which is convenient for the next use.
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