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The effect of all kinds of glue pressure buckets is extremel

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Many people are not very understanding of the pressure barrel, barrel pressure actually we usually say is a general term for many types of pressure barrel. If it is to distinguish the effect from the pressure barrel can be divided into water pressure barrel and coating pressure barrels two categories, water pressure tank is mainly used in our in daily life, which exists as a container for storing purified water; then the pressure range of coating paint bucket? Pressure barrel relatively wide, and in the range of application is wider.
When this pressure bucket is mainly applied in dispensing equipment, as a container for storing glue in dispensing process, so this pressure bucket is also called glue pressure bucket. So what are the functions and advantages of this pressure bucket?
At present, the pressure pail used for storing glue can be divided into three categories: stainless steel pressure bucket, carbon steel pressure bucket and plastic pressure bucket according to the production material. The pressure barrel stainless steel is the most applied pressure dispensing equipment barrel type, the pressure barrel with compression, anti vibration and anti corrosion, durability, and barrel pressure than the other two kinds of material, the price is higher; carbon steel pressure barrel, barrel pressure of this material is produced by explosion fire is high, the absolute safety (compressed as a power source), 24 hours of continuous work are not heating, sparks, can make the paint on the lower barrel stirring will not appear precipitation and other advantages.
Plastic pressure pail is the earliest pressure bucket used by people. The pressure barrel has smooth surface. If glue is adhered to in the dispensing process, it can be refreshed with wet cloth scrubbing, and the price of such pressure pail is also cheaper.
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