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Solution to the failure of the pressure bucket of the glue d

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Recently, many users often feedback, due to insufficient understanding of the pressure barrel products are deceived businesses, leading to buy dispensing pressure barrel inferior, in the beginning of the use of no any problem, but a long time will appear flat, the problem of leaking glue, so some users also do some repair, use since the glue fill, but this repair effect is not very good, either there is severely reduced, there will be advantages of intermittent problems, the efficiency and quality of production seriously normal.
When many of the above problems arise, many users mistakenly believe that their pressure cylinders are not properly installed. However, the problem is negated after checking. Is this the reason for the pressure bucket? Is there any way to repair the pressure bucket of dispenser?
According to the feedback of the users, we can see that most users want a simple repair (because if the replacement of the pressure barrel if the price is more expensive, and virtually increase the cost of production). Then the following by the system technicians a simple exposition! The pressure barrel on the market can be divided for stainless steel, carbon steel and plastic: these three kinds of material, usually of stainless steel and carbon steel of the two kinds of material produced by the pressure barrel internal pressure are relatively strong, if there is leakage, leakage problems, although can repair, but the general effect is not good, the best way is to replace the new.
Plastic bucket is a special pressure point, if only the problem of air leakage, leakage, the liner is not bad, so I suggest that you can return to factory repair (Note: it is not recommended to repair itself, after all, is not professional, but also in the process of repairing the occurrence of other problems). If the internal bladder has problems, it can not be repaired and can only be replaced directly.
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