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The reasons for the bubbles coming out of the needle of the

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Dispensing technology is used in many industries, and dispensing valve is a kind of accessories in dispensing equipment. Dispensing can be done by compressing air or electricity when dispensing. Dispensing valves have a wide range of applications, and each industry has different requirements for dispensing valves. So dispensing valves will also be classified, for example, electric dispensing valves, AB dispensing valves, pneumatic point glue valves, spray dispensing valves, etc. Different glue valves are different to the demand for glue, so it is best to choose glue according to the requirement of glue.
There are needles in all kinds of dispensing valves, and the amount of glue can be adjusted according to the different inner diameter of the glue needle. But when used, the needles of the dispensing valve will have bubbles, which affect the work of the glue. What are the reasons for the bubbles coming out of the needles in the dot glue valve? For example:
If the pressure cylinder is not well sealed, dispensing will not only accelerate the solidification speed of glue, but also make bubbles appear in the process of dispensing, affecting the dispensing quantity of dispensing. But the glue can be put into the pressure bucket before use. After placing it for a period of time, check whether the glue is solidified. If the glue is solidified, it indicates that the seal of the pressure bucket is not good, so it is best to replace the glue bubble.
When the glue is stirred, the speed is too fast and the direction of mixing is not consistent. It is easy to make the glue thicker, and the phenomenon of drawing, air bubble and so on appears. So when mixing glue, it is best to keep a direction, and the speed of mixing should be appropriate, so as to avoid the phenomenon of bubble. The glue needles should be selected according to the viscosity of the glue and the requirement of the glue.
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