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Why the glue dispenser needs to be equipped with a glue valv

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The dispensing machine is an important equipment used in industry production, adhesive work products by dispensing function to upgrade the quality and efficiency, to further enhance the dispenser so choose high performance contributes to the value of the products, dispensing valve function and dispensing quality are inseparable, the more the work of high quality dispensing dispensing valve usually requires the corresponding support work. The dispensing machine is equipped with a dispensing valve for what reason?
Before the automatic dispensing machine did not appear, glue filling is mainly carried out by manual operation. Manual dispensing can not meet the high demand of the industry, and the manual dispensing accuracy is low, which often causes insufficient filling or dispensing deviation. Automatic dispensing machine appears to help users solve the problem of poor glue, quantitative control of high performance by glue dispensing valve, using the amount of gum control more precise and accurate, if you want to open the glue dispensing control valve, stop valve closed if the dispensing dispensing, dispensing valve on the market most of the pressure control, pressure control more convenient, help to improve the accuracy and efficiency of dispensing dispensing.
How to drive the glue dispensing valve for dispensing it, gas generator is connected with a dispensing valve, to supply pressure into the dispensing valve, driving the striker mobile glue glue extrusion, this is the working principle of pressure control valve using the dispensing, dispensing controller can more effectively control the dispensing valve.
The different nature of the need to use the glue dispensing valve to normal use, if you need to use silicone dispensing, dispensing valve should use suction cylinder back to the silica gel, silica gel dispensing valve for dispensing glue in high viscosity variety, the user can according to the demand in the automatic dispensing machine with multiple silicone dispensing valve to enhance dispensing efficiency.
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