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Automatic and manual mixing pressure barrel for dispensing

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The manual mixing pressure barrel is refitted from the ordinary pressure barrel. It changes the top rubber to the bottom rubber. It is equipped with a manual rotating stirring rod. There is a spiral blade at the bottom for mixing. The manual function is the same as the automatic function, but there is difference in power. It is automatically driven by a motor, manually driven by a man. It needs to be often, at intervals of a period of time, just rotate once, and use It's also very convenient.
Pressure barrel manufacturing
  The difference between manual mixing pressure bucket and automatic mixing pressure bucket is not very big. They are used to mix glue to avoid the precipitation of glue and affect the dispensing effect. After all, the manual cost is lower than that of automatic, and the operation volume is not high. The manual mode can be considered. For the current adjustment, according to the previous operation function, it is unnecessary to solve the existing glue problem To make an automatic plastic bucket at a high price,
  The manufacturing cost of pressure barrel is determined by the specification and complexity. Therefore, the cost of mixing pressure barrel is higher than that of general pressure barrel. It takes a long time, and the cost will be higher. The price of general rubber barrel is about 280 yuan. The price of mixing pressure barrel needs 400 times. The price of manual mixing pressure barrel is about 360 lower. The motor of automatic mixing pressure barrel also needs cost The size of large or small power determines how large the motor is, and the viscosity of glue is also one of the decisive factors. 

  Manual mixing pressure bucket if you need, you can find our custom-made Oh! We can manufacture any pressure barrel. Stainless steel and carbon steel are two kinds of materials. We can manufacture the pressure barrel according to the requirements of the manufacturer. Customization is one of our main businesses. Welcome to order the rubber barrel together.
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