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Precision screw pressure barrel

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Screw pressure barrel is a new stainless steel pressure barrel developed by our company. It has the function of active glue conveying, which can obviously promote the control effect of some glue. It can solve the problem of poor glue fluidity and large glue conveying proportion. It has a unique function, belonging to the new dispensing accessories, which is quite different from the previous pressure barrel.
  Our company belongs to the pressure barrel manufacturer. The production types are: stainless steel pressure barrel, funnel pressure barrel, screw pressure barrel, flange barrel, etc. there are more than ten types in total. Our products are all authentic materials, stainless steel materials are all 304, carbon steel is also standard, the quality of Chinese manufacturers is worth ensuring, and the selection of manufacturers for production, quality and after-sales are guaranteed.
  Funnel pressure bucket is an unconventional type of accessories of our company. It is manufactured according to the order quantity, not the conventional specification and type. The manufactured parts will only be in stock. If those manufacturers require non-standard pressure buckets, our company can manufacture them according to the requirements. However, if the requirements or parameters are directly given by the manufacturer, our company can manufacture them. This is the strength of the pressure bucket manufacturer, which can be independently produced Suitable stainless steel pressure barrel.
  The quality of Chinese manufacturers is trustworthy. Our company has many years of experience in the production of pressure barrels, and has developed screw pressure barrels. At present, the stainless steel pressure barrels used in the dispensing, filling and dispensing industries can be manufactured by our company, and the standard is in accordance with the national standard, the thickness of pressure barrels can reach 8mm, the flat cover can reach 12mm, can withstand high air pressure, and carry out glue transportation, high pressure There is still no problem with viscosity glue.
  Pressure bucket maintenance: the stainless steel pressure bucket that has been stored with glue can be soaked with detergent and cleaned the next day, which can completely solve the problem of glue remaining in the pressure bucket. The cleaning solution can decompose the glue into single components and has no bonding effect. As long as the pressure bucket maintenance pays attention to the characteristics of glue, it is not strong acid or strong alkali. Before the glue solidifies again, it will not be cleaned It will affect the pressure barrel.
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