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Alcohol pressure barrel

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Stainless steel pressure barrel has a wide range of applications, not limited to glue storage, but also can store alcohol, paint, etc. some liquids with natural fluidity are widely used. However, it is necessary to see which type of materials are used to store liquids! At present, there are two kinds of pressure barrels, stainless steel and carbon steel. Let's learn some alcohol pressure barrels together.
  The reason of using stainless steel in alcohol pressure barrel
  Alcohol has a certain corrosion device. Long-term storage will corrode iron products and make them rust. To some extent, it will directly affect the alcohol effect. It is recommended not to use carbon steel pressure bucket. The quality of stainless steel pressure bucket is more guaranteed, so that there will be no oxidation and better alcohol quality. However, stainless steel pressure bucket will be one higher Some!
  Pressure can be customized
  There is no limit on the number of liters of alcohol pressure barrels. Our company can produce the corresponding number of liters according to the demand of the manufacturer. We have made 100L alcohol pressure barrels, which can be made no matter how large. However, 100L is very much. It is not the demand of the enterprise, and it does not need to use too much. Therefore, large types of pressure barrels are basically produced after receiving orders. If there is demand, you can also make a quotation!
  Ease of use
  There are many types of stainless steel pressure barrel, and some functions can be customized. For example, the liquid level display device of alcohol pressure barrel can clearly see the amount of alcohol used every day, but it can not be added directly. It is very convenient to use. Many manufacturers like to use pressure barrel to store liquid. If you have this demand, our company can customize the exclusive alcohol for you Pressure bucket! Other types of pressure buckets are also OK.
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