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300ml socket

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The function of toothpaste sleeve is to specially use branch glue. For example, 300ml branch silica gel is often stored by using toothpaste sleeve. There are also some other types of toothpastes of the same type as 100ml and 170ml. Because there are several types of versions, there will be many differences, and the function will be different.
Use of toothpaste sleeve
No toothpaste sleeve needs to squeeze the glue into the dispensing syringe, which is a very hard and troublesome thing. After each use, it needs to squeeze the glue, and it needs to be done by another colleague. There will be a troublesome step. The glue may not be completely squeezed out. The 100ml branch of glue may be squeezed out only 90ml, with a small amount of glue. The syringe cannot be stored completely at one time, so it needs to be divided into two parts In order to meet the needs of supporting glue, our company has developed a toothpaste sleeve. Just put the glue into the sleeve, connect the air pressure, you can spot glue, you can completely extrude the glue, and you don't need to waste glue on the syringe.
Type and material of socket
At present, there are some types of braces: 100ml, 170ml, 300ml, 330ml;
Available glue ml types: 90 ~ 100ml 130 ~ 170ml 290ml ~ 330ml, the glue types in these specifications can be used basically, because it can be seen that the size of the glue mouth is too small, which is not suitable for use, and the glue outlet needs to meet the diameter of 12mm before it can be installed in the toothpaste sleeve.
Generally, aluminum alloy is used as the material, and then it is treated with baking paint, mainly in black. Silica gel gasket is placed inside to improve the sealing performance.
Matching use of socket
It can be used with semi-automatic dispensing machine instead of dispensing syringe as storage device, which is also convenient for manufacturers and relatively low cost.
It can be used with the automatic dispensing machine to fix the socket on the z-axis of the machine, and then dispensing can be carried out.
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