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SS316 food grade stainless steel pressure barrel

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Pressure barrels are generally classified by materials: stainless steel materials are 201, 304, 316, etc., and there are also grades, s, SS, SSS. Today, we talk about food grade stainless steel pressure barrels. In fact, this kind of pressure barrels are generally manufactured according to demand, without ready-made inventory, and generally produce stainless steel pressure barrels of 304 materials. If you have demand, you can produce them within three working days Come on, the specification can be customized, the price will be discussed separately!
  Food grade refers to the product whose material meets the safety standard, which will not affect the human safety. The material requirements are very high. The stainless steel pressure barrel manufactured by our company is manufactured according to the national safety standard. All the materials used are tested and have a good rating. The manufacturer can get the product for testing. If it meets the standard or not, it can be refunded for free.
  Food grade stainless steel pressure barrel is not our company's regular product, but can also be produced when necessary. The manufacturer of stainless steel pressure barrel has a large number of materials, because each product is customized, so there is no so-called large quantity and small quantity, there are single products can be received, but the production time will be determined according to the actual situation, generally the slowest is five days, the fastest is three days, and then it can be produced well.
  Production procedure
  Measurement specification → material cutting → rounding → welding → end making.
  The overall process is produced by our company, which can be manufactured according to the core requirements of the product. If the manufacturer wants to customize, we can give drawings or requirements, and then we can install these stainless steel pressure buckets that meet the requirements and manufacture. The materials can be selected according to the manufacturer, including stainless steel, food grade materials or carbon steel pressure buckets, which can be made, and the size can also be customized.
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