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Electric stirring pressure bucket

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In recent years, more and more of the dispensing equipment used in bonding operation in industrial production, but each industry products materials are different, so need glue bonding is also different, for example: mobile phone screen industry needs the electronics industry hot melt glue; need silica gel. So in the production process also leads to the emergence of many the problem, because each kind of different types of glue, so the viscosity and characteristics are different, so the storage glue will encounter various problems.
Pressure pail, as an important part of dispensing equipment, plays a role in storing glue in the process of dispensing. However, with the continuous improvement of dispensing equipment production technology in recent years, the pressure barrel has also undergone tremendous changes. Both in the appearance of the product and in the performance of the product have been greatly improved.
At present, there are more and more pressure bucket types in the pressure bucket Market, and the function is becoming more and more perfect. But speaking of pressure barrels, the pressure barrels in the market can be roughly divided into three categories according to their production materials: stainless steel pressure barrels, carbon steel pressure pail and plastic pressure pail three. The electric stirring pressure barrel is one of the carbon steel pressure pail. This kind of pressure bucket is one of the pressure barrels that the market of pressure bucket industry is selling more today. Its characteristic is to solve the problem that ordinary pressure pail can not be solved when the glue is precipitated.
Before each dispensing operation began, just put the glue into electric pressure mixing barrel, by connecting the 220 volt power supply it automatically to complete the glue mixing, saves each glue the trouble process and debugging the problem of uneven manual debugging, so this is an important reason why the electric stirring mixing barrel pressure deep numerous dispensing equipment production manufacturers like.
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